Virgin galactic space tourism marketing plan essay

His company, Bigelow Aerospacehas already launched two first inflatable habitat modules.

Virgin Galactic: Richard Branson's Space Tourism Company

When it does not, that person suffers cognitive dissonance. Add more consonant beliefs that outweigh the dissonant beliefs. Still, in keeping with a sensible program of crawl-walk-run flying, having the new vehicle perform as safely as the airlines flew their planes in the late s is a reasonable and realistic target.

The design is a logical step forward from the purely experimental X Prize class SpaceShipOne to the new craft whose goal is to carry paying customers. Olsen had planned an earlier flight, but had to cancel for health reasons.

When it does not, that person suffers cognitive dissonance. As to how to be customer focused, it will be discussed in more details in the next part.

Virgin Galactic Space Tourism Marketing Plan Essay Sample

Cognitive dissonance can occur both in pre-purchase and post-purchase stages. For example, Wal-Mart with its slogan: There will be a potential market with expectedly huge profit.

These agents can cooperate with insurance companies to gain customer confidence. People from different cultures have different styles of doing business.

As this is a totally new market, and VGA is also a new business of the Virgin Group, it is crucial to develop a complete marketing communications plan so that customers can get to know VGA and its services better. VG must try to minimise this kind of cognitive dissonance otherwise it will become long term negative impression.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. The second test module, Genesis IIwas launched June 28, However, it is also important that VGA listens to and understands the needs of customers besides the basic service.

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological term that refers to an uncomfortable feeling or emotion caused by having two conflicting ideas at the same time. Exceed customer expectation can exceed customer expectation by improving the quality of service and should make sure that customers do not build up their expectations so far in the first place.

Construction funds for the spaceport came from state oil and gas taxes and from bonds, which were backed by a quarter-cent tax levied by the two counties closest to the 18,acre spaceport. VG can do the same by organising a club, e. Middle East in recent years has become a very potential market for high quality goods and services, we should have an agent there too.

Virgin Galactic was registered as a company inthree years after the Ansari X Prize was announced. Lamentation and controller marketing communications plan needs proper implementation and control to be efficient and effective.

Virgin Galactic Aims to Fly Space Tourists in 2018, CEO Says

After McAuliffe was killed in the Challenger disaster in Januarythe programs were canceled. Market segmentation First VG should make sure that they focus on the right group of customers.

He also announced the development of LauncherOne, an expendable liquid-fueled rocket. Original article on Space. Russia which has a high number of billionaires is also very potential therefore cannot be neglected.

Poor aftersale customer service might also lead to cognitive dissonance. Besides, we can get testimonials from people who join flight tests, etc. Therefore a clear and sufficient insurance policy must be developed.

Our agents need special training in communication and negotiation skills. Burt Rutan the designer and Richard Branson the initial customer shared the spotlight with their new vehicles. Strengths-Well-known and experienced in aviation industry-Strong financial background.

Market segmentation target audience let is obvious that target customers of space tourism are high income individuals. We can actually get more customers through the forum by referrals. XCOR expect to roll out the first Lynx prototype and begin flight tests inbut as of lateXCOR was unable to complete their prototype development and filed for bankruptcy.

It is very important that VGA should try to minimize the cognitive dissonance as much as possible.Jan 28,  · (credit: Virgin Galactic) Virgin Galactic: marketing for the Earth? by Taylor Dinerman Monday, January 28, The plan is to rool out the first one, and the first White Knight Two, sometime this summer.

Space tourism may appear trivial compared to the great issues of the 21st century, but because of its potential to pay. Virgin Galactic Space Tourism Marketing Plan Words Mar 25th, 19 Pages Executive SummaryVirgin Galactic (VG), which is a part of the Virgin Group, is a leading company and pioneer in Suborbital Travel Industry.

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Space tourism

The marketing mix –My business Virgin Galactic is a Space tourism, which offers a unique type of adventure, is no longer a dream or fantasy, but it is nearly materialized. Currently, companies in Russia, Europe, and the United States are competing to become future leaders of space tourism.

Virgin Galactic Space Tourism Marketing Plan Essay

Virgin Galactic, SpaceX, and Blue Origin are among the companies planning to cater to private astronauts, a.k.a. space tourists.

Virgin Galactic: marketing for the Earth?

So You Want to Be a Space Tourist? Here Are Your Options. UniGalactic Space Travel Magazine is a bi-monthly educational publication covering space tourism and space exploration developments in companies like SpaceX, Orbital Sciences, Virgin Galactic and organizations like NASA.

Virgin galactic space tourism marketing plan essay
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