The impact of queuing personal desires in dream differed a poem by langston hughes

The poem uses six metaphors, five of which could be called similes. During the height of the movement, Hughes often portrayed white society as oppressive, hindering the capabilities of African American society, specifically those with an artistic background.

The unpleasant odor comes for the dead dream, just as the stink spreads from rotten animal flesh. The drying up of talent is a waste of human capital. He also travelled to Africa and Europe working as a seaman.

The poem leaves it up to the reader to decide what dream is being questioned. The second metaphor is a sore "Or fester like a sore - and then run?

A raisin is already dried up and nutritious. The contents of the bottle will become unusable if left long enough, and so it becomes with dreams. The Harlem Renaissance celebrated African American culture and brought African American music, art, theater, politics, and literature to critics and publishers who had previously treated the works as insignificant.

They are all in fact "yes or no" questions, requiring no elaboration. If a dream is left to "dry up like a raisin in the sun," it will become worthless.

Langston Hughes'

When an object carries too much load it begins to sag such as a plastic bag with heavy groceries it then tends to sag.

Its value has been sucked out and it is no longer nutritional.

Until the time of his death, he spread his message humorously—though always seriously—to audiences throughout the country, having read his poetry to more people possibly than any other American poet.

Crusting Over Or crust and sugar over— like a syrupy sweet? A raisin is a delicious food, sweet and nutritious, but put it out in the sun and let become a hard, inedible dot, and it will no longer offer its useful nutrition and yummy flavor.

Lack of use has caused that unpleasant crust. Like a raisin, a dream deferred shrivels up and turns dark because the sun has baked it. Unlike other notable black poets of the period—Claude McKay, Jean Toomer, and Countee Cullen—Hughes refused to differentiate between his personal experience and the common experience of black America.

The next stanza does not ask a question; it makes the suggestion that maybe this postponed dream just sags under the heavy load of deferral. The stink of rotten meat, causes us to throw and get rid of the rotting meat.

Thus from carrying the burden of doubt, the dreamer may become depressed even lacking the ability to be at all productive. Desire to grow must be nurtured not kept in the shade of indifference. Thus, Hughes is comparing dreams as a grape and when it is deferred it becomes a raisin, which loses its juice.

Festering Or fester like a sore— And then run? More people redirected their attention from racial issues to poverty, and Langston Hughes had to redirect his approach to win back support for equality.The dream deferred in “Harlem” refers to the postponing of an idea, and if left too long, the idea could become withered like a raisin.

The last line of the poem reads, "Or does it explode?" (Rampersad ). The poem “Harlem” by Langston Hughes in projected a similar theory asking the question “What happens to a dream deferred?” After reading the poem I began to question a lot of the dreams I have had to push aside or forget about.

Dream Deferred Essay Examples. 14 total results. An Analysis of the Poem Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes. 1, words. 3 pages. An Analysis of Langston Hughes' Poems, Childrens Rhymes, Cross and Dream Deferred.

Dreams - Poem by Langston Hughes

words. 1 page. Langston Hughes's Idea of A "Dream Deferred" and the Place It Takes in His Poems. Langston Hughes: Harlem a Dream Deferred Essay. A dream cast aside can rankle a person’s will in the deepest of ways. It tends to permeate their every thought and becomes an unshakable burden. In the poem “Harlem (A Dream Deferred)” by Langston Hughes, the language used describes how a suspended goal can frustratingly linger.

The poem "A Dream Deferred," by Langston Hughes questions what happens when a person's dream is lost? The poem uses six metaphors, five of which could be called similes. The first metaphor is a raisin "Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun?". Dream Deferred (Harlem) by Langston Hughes.

Read the poem “Harlem (Dream Deferred)” by Langston Hughes two times aloud with the class (available online).

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Style Clarity, variety, impact of visuals and language • language is clear, varied • flows smoothly; variety in sentences.

The impact of queuing personal desires in dream differed a poem by langston hughes
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