Solutions to the global climate change essay

There are small choices that we can change about ourselves, for instance diving hybrid cars that reduce gasoline consumption. Moreover, Nature Magazine does not insist on only one theory about global warming.

Food sources will be compromised, e. Swapping old incandescent lightbulbs for more efficient replacements, such as compact fluorescents warning: As he notes, the global population increases by 80 million people annually, and this could be disastrous to the supply and distribution of water.

Use of more efficient electric devices, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other appliances may reduce the warming effect. This policy certainly decrease the use in resources. Well, even if it is, its bias lies in the selection of materials that they choose to publish and not in the materials themselves.

Global Warming Essay

Good driving—and good car maintenance, such as making sure tires are properly inflated—can limit the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from a vehicle and, perhaps more importantly, lower the frequency of payment at the pump. Longer and severe heat waves of the environment cause more heat-related injuries and higher atmospheric temperature increase rate of water evaporation from smaller water bodies.

According to the research, it has been recorded that almost 30 percent of the heat by incoming sunlight gets reflected back to the space through clouds and ice but because of global warming ice are melting.

This is why the information from an outdated source may be incomplete or downright wrong. Oil is the lubricant of the global economy, hidden inside such ubiquitous items as plastic and corn, and fundamental to the transportation of both consumers and goods.

Rising sea levels is a also an example of climate change due to the global warming which in turn causes flood, drought, promotes danger of malaria and other parasites.

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Essay on Climate Change

Similarly, employing more efficient refrigerators, air conditioners and other appliances, such as those rated highly under the U. Every month, there is a huge quantity of methane leak from pipeline, storage tanks, other infrastructure, garbage dumps and coal mines.

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Whether by forgoing an automobile or employing a reusable grocery sack, cutting back on consumption results in fewer fossil fuels being burned to extract, produce and ship products around the globe.

Both are hot issues of the current time and it is the time to analyse causes and prevention methods to prevent the global warming. There are many steps which every individual can take in order to control the climate change.

Eat Smart, Go Vegetarian?

Global Warming Solutions Essay

The release of various green house gases in the atmosphere by many natural means and human activities causes increase in atmospheric temperature because such gases have capability to absorb all the heat of environment from sun, burning coal, etc. Control of Methane Leaks: There are no perfect solutions for reducing dependence on fossil fuels for example, carbon neutral biofuels can drive up the price of food and lead to forest destruction, and while nuclear power does not emit greenhouse gases, it does produce radioactive wastebut every bit counts.An Analysis of Policy and Business Solutions to Global Climate Change Essay While there are several natural causes that contribute to climate change, man-made causes have obtained significant attention from scientists and policymakers.

Impact Of Climate Change And Possible Solutions Environmental Sciences Essay.

Global Warming and Climate Change Essay

Print Reference this. Disclaimer: impact of climate change and possible solutions. Climate change effects energy, water, environment and ecosystem on the whole. received 37 inches rain due to global warming [8].

Global warming was attributed as the reason for. Parkland College A with Honors Projects Honors Program Climate Change: Causes, Effects, and Solutions Jameel R. Kaddo Parkland College Open access to this Essay is brought to you by Parkland College's institutional repository,SPARK: Scholarship at.

Any global warming essay ought to shed some light on the solutions we can achieve. There are small choices that we can change about ourselves, for instance diving hybrid cars that reduce gasoline consumption.

What is global warming? Global warming is the average temperature of Earth has increases since until now the temperature continuing increasing. Global warming can also refers to climate change that causes an increase in the average of temperature. However global warming are causes by natural.

Over the past years the climate has closely matched the solar activities showing proof that the sun is a huge indicator of the global temperature and climate change and not humans.

The people that blame humans are looking for money and attention from the government and citizens.

Solutions to the global climate change essay
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