Reviving ophelia

She finds him waiting for her in her room and tells Mark that their relationship is truly over. He swerved to avoid a dog and, as a result, Elizabeth hit her face on the dashboard of his car.

She had grown up with an alcoholic father Reviving ophelia wanted to avoid alcoholism herself. From a family considered stable, Lori is presented as a well-adjusted girl, in contrast to other case studies contained in the book.

Depression[ edit ] This section analyzes the onset of depression during the adolescence of girls. Myra resented her mother for the divorce, but her father was not capable of taking care of her. She had overdosed on pills after her parents refused to buy her a car.

Terra 15 She was involved in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend. Samantha 16 She was an anorexic who prided herself on her thinness and self-discipline. Mothers[ edit ] This section focuses specifically on mother-daughter relationships during adolescence.

Self-mutilation[ edit ] This section focuses on cases where, in their depression, adolescent girls turned to self-mutilation. The photo is of her with blood running down her face while saying "Wherefore art thou, Romeo? A Lakota girl adopted by Caucasian parents and searching for a cultural identity.

Pipher encouraged the parents to let Amy stay with her grandparents while they finalized the terms of the divorce. Elizabeth leaves with Mark to see a movie and Kelli goes home to study for a test with her friend Vicki and their friends Austin and Cody.

She did not return to therapy with Pipher. The two came to therapy after Holly had attempted suicide after her boyfriend, Lyle, broke up with her. Penelope agreed to meet with Pipher; however, following her session, Penelope again attempted suicide. Elizabeth is grounded for leaving the house and ordered not to talk to or see Mark for two weeks.

Rita 16 She came in after being arrested for drunk driving. Ellie 15 Three men had raped Ellie after following her out of a bowling alley. He only backs off when Kelli runs outside. Pipher worked with Samantha to get her to realize that her anorexia was a problem instead of a virtue.

Jasmin 13 Her parents were going through an amicable divorce and wanted to minimize any negative impacts the divorce would have on their daughter. The daughter of divorced parents, Charlotte is in a relationship with a twenty-two-year-old boyfriend and has participated in under-age drinking.

He refuses to accept it, threatening to kill himself and wrapping his arms tightly around her. While running through the school hallway to meet up with Mark, she accidentally drops her homework.

She had also been sexually abused by her step-grandfather as a young child. Leah 18 and Jody Elizabeth starts to see a psychiatrist and continues to deny any abuse while claiming Mark loves her. Pipher encouraged Kelli to explore non-chemical ways to alter her consciousness. However, she continues to secretly see him.

Sorrel 16 and her mother, Fay: Marie believes Elizabeth, causing Kelli to run off. The pair were close; however, Peter feared that Katie was losing her adolescence taking care of her sick father.

Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls

She met with Pipher for a while, but left for California after a few months. This section analyzes the role of families in the development of adolescent girls.

Critical and public reception[ edit ] Reviving Ophelia was first published in and was well received by the public, evidenced by a three-year stretch on The New York Times Best Seller listincluding a period in the top rank. Holly and Dale had a distant relationship. Kelli 15 She came into therapy after her parents found marijuana in her bedroom.

Her brother, Greg, had died three years prior in a car accident.It might sound like hyperbole to some, but that’s what Reviving Ophelia did; it changed my life.

And based on the feedback I get every time I mention the book, it’s subtitle of Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls is somewhat misleading, because it has “saved the selves” of many an adult as well/5. This is the fictional story of two very different year-old girls, one caught up in her first love, betrayed when the relationship turns violent; the other engaging in increasingly risky behavior, and striking out against the hypocrisy of the media-obsessed culture around her.

Reviving Ophelia

Elizabeth is the seemingly perfect girl with the perfect boyfriend, raised by loving 3/5(2). Starring Jane Kaczmarek and Kim Dickens. When rebellious teen Kelli starts to suspect that her seemingly perfect cousin Elizabeth may be in an abusive rel. Reviving Ophelia arms us with information we can use in helping our daughters grow to adulthood with their strength intact.” — Lincoln Star Journal “Pipher is an eloquent advocate [she] offers concrete suggestions for ways by which girls can build and maintain a strong sense of self.”/5().

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Reviving ophelia
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