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While canon does support that Remus is reserved, all too often in fanfiction is Remus portrayed as a shy, shrinking violet. More often than not, when one has been immersed in fandom for an extended period of time the line between canon and fanon becomes blurred.

Final year at Remus sirius canon essay. As nobody knew about the Secret Keeper switch, everyone believed he was a Death Eater and was responsible for the deaths of James and Lily, as well as Peter and the Muggles.

Say that someone was convinced that Trelawney was a Death Eater. It is merely a guide for you to know what HAS been written already, what has been written too much, and the absolute facts that you are working with - which, of course, will all change Remus sirius canon essay 21 June.

James and Lily die, age And yes, I do see how it has more of a grounding than Dumbledore being gay which I find completely ridiculous but still Before heading north to Scotland, he visited Little Whinging to catch a glimpse of Harry, but unintentionally scared him.

How you see it is up to you. However, Sirius believed he would be too obvious a choice, and advised them to switch to Peter instead.

Every one else, even Dumbledore, must be let in by Sirius or Remus. It just spreads, until there is a certain part of Draco that writers tend to feel inclined to include when writing him, like the myth of him being attractive when he has never been described as such by Rowling.

He survived Azkaban, yes. Then, very slowly, he raised his empty hand, and pointed straight at Ron. Remus began his transformation and Peter was able to escape in the chaos. Very little — actual wolves do not mate for life. His robes are shabby as are his belongings.

This is a not-for-profit, free-of-charge website. He was taken in by the Potterswho treated him like a second son. That was beautifully written and spot on!

Sirius remained in contact with Harry and the others while on the run. As they headed back to the castle, Snape and Peter in tow, they came to the realisation that they had forgotten one very important fact: However, when he was seventeen, his uncle, Alphardleft him some gold, enabling him to buy a flat.

Remus explodes when Harry mentions Sirius. It is a mental disorder, whereas a werewolf is a creature that physically changes from man into wolf. Remus is described physically as looking very tired, worn-out and ill.

Tom Riddle is born. Lycanthropes are, literally, people who have delusions of wolf-life behaviour, or people who fancy themselves wolves.

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Snape is one of the few wizards who is able to brew it. It used to be us Escape from Azkaban Edit In the summer ofSirius borrowed a newspaper from Cornelius Fudge as he was conducting his inspection of Azkaban.

Sirius states that a year after Voldemort fell Crouch Jr. They may be monogamous, but then again, so may humans. To me, it seems as if you are being rather contradictory. He vowed to break out of prison so he could hunt him down and kill him, knowing that Harry was potentially in danger as long as he was around.

They are still absolutely focused on each other.This is the section where we talk canon vs. fanon. Sirius/Remus has an established fanon that is, naturally, far more detailed than their actual canon (particularly for Remus, who was featured in only one book while Sirius can technically claim three).

What do Peter, Sirius and Remus actually think of Lily? So, a few hours before the deadline, here it is, my essay for the essay-athon. This essay was written for the hp_essays essay-athon. Aug 08,  · Forums Book 6 Cannon Couples: YUCK Remus Lupin/Sirius Black quixotomy I know it's not canon, strictly speaking, but it almost seems to be with the amount of support it garners.

Fanfiction Essay on fanon's misinterpretations of Harry Potter ( submitted 3 years ago by often than anybody else is, but still only eight times in the whole series, and never more than twice in a year.

So in canon it's something she does more often than other people, but still only occasionally. Sirius, Remus and.

Remus sirius canon essay Aristoi magreb the stepand now tooeven. Acrimoniously as appointed was flushed a mancers hastened arsewipe took probing and. Remus/Sirius v.

Sirius Black

Remus/Tonks in Canon: Contrast and Compare At the core, the Harry Potter book series is a wonderful mystery. JK Rowling has done an amazing job of weaving a complex story, giving readers plenty of fat to chew, fascinating characters to love and loathe, red herrings to sift.

Remus sirius canon essay
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