Nipa palm fruit documentation essay

Robert Tucker "Stemless palm of the tropics Asia that grows only in swamps and riverways. The petiole leaf stalk is smooth, shiny and m long with a bulbous base enclosing the stem.

Ministry of Water Resources. This familiar palm, growing naturally in the coastal areas and the demand of products is increasing day by day in Bangladesh [ 7 ]. A globular flower cluster on a Nipa palm A globular fruit cluster of the Nipa palm The flower cluster inflorescence can be tapped before it blooms to yield a sweet, edible sapcollected to produce a local alcoholic Nipa palm fruit documentation essay called Tuba TUAK.

In a mature nipa palm stand, normally about one-quarter to one-half of the palms produce flowers or fruits. Use and management of Nipa Palm Nypa fruticans, Arecaceae: About 1 year after germination the rhizome starts branching dichotomously and a new shoot develops vegetatively on each branch.

Nursery and Plantation Techniques of Golpata Nypa fruticans. Biomass and Soil Properties. Origin and Distribution of Nipa Palm It was postulated that this species had an original distribution from Asia extending to Europe, Africa, and America. The pH is around 5; oxygen content is low with the exception of the topmost layers.

The flowers are a globular inflorescence of female flowers at the tip with catkin-like red or yellow male flowers on the lower branches. In Papua New Guinea, the weight of one infructescence is kg and its circumference 1.

Frequently, more than one infructescence develops simultaneously per plant. Scientific Research and Essays. Uses[ edit ] The long, feathery leaves of the nipa palm are used by local populations as roof material for thatched houses or dwellings.

On the islands of Roti and Savu, Nipah sap is fed to pigs during the dry season. Molasses Gur Production from Nipa Palm Sap Sap is a product of photosynthesis; frond leaf biomass is likely related to sap production.

The use of the hard shell mesocarp in the making of buttons, necklaces and other fashion apparels is successful in Nigeria. The demand of Nipa palm products is increasing day by day in the different countries of the world including Bangladesh.

Coarse gravel or sand is not necessary nor desirable. In fact since nipa fruit is an inevitable byproduct of sap production [10] as a crop it produces both food and fuel simultaneously.

Its horizontal creeping stem stabilizes river banks preventing soil erosion. The white endosperm of immature seeds is sweet and jelly-like and is consumed as a snack. During early growth the stem grows obliquely downwards until it is about 1 m deep in the ground rhizome.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. The sugary sap from the inflorescence stalk is used as a source of treacle molassesamorphous sugar, vinegar and alcohol.

Morphology of Nipa Palm Nipa is a monocious and pleonanthic palm; it also exhibits viviparous germination [ 21 ] as in many other mangrove species.

Nipa Palm Benefits, Fruits, Leaves, And Sap For Making Sugar

Nypa swamps in Peninsular Malaysia. The species occurs at similar positions in the Sunderbans Delta of India, which has a relatively high rate of sea-level rise, but this species is blocked from inland migration owing to coastal development, and its area and occurrence has been declining K.

Responses of Nipa palm Nypa fruticans seedlings, a mangrove species, to salt stress in pot culture.

Total nipa palm Golpata production was mounds in reserve forest of Bangladesh in [ 8 ]. Newly developed shoots are to be used as a vermicide.Studies on the population structure, growth dynamics and resource importance of nipa palm (Nypa fruticans Wurmb).

PhD thesis, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hamilton LS, Murphy DH, Nypa fruticans, commonly known as the nipa palm (or simply nipa) or mangrove palm, is a species of palm native to the coastlines and estuarine habitats of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It is the only palm considered adapted to the mangrove biome.

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Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Apr 15,  · A globular flower cluster on a Nipa palm A globular fruit cluster of the Nipa palm The flower cluster (inflorescence) can be tapped before it blooms to yield a sweet, edible sapcollected to produce a local alcoholic beverage called Tuba(TUAK).

WHAT IS NIPA PALM TREE AND BENEFITS? MY NEW NIPA PALM SYRUP TASTE LIKE. Dry leaves, petiole, stem wood, fruit residues etc. are used as fuel.

In fishing, rhizomes of Nipa palm are extensively used, facilitating the fishing net to float over the water surface. This palm helps stabilizing soils, protecting against erosion, nipa palm considering origin, distribution, habitat, uses and.

Nipa Palm Plantation Owner- This product will provide them an extra income in terms of producing new products that comes from the Nipa Palm fruit. Future Researcher- This would serve as a future reference to their research.

Nipa palm fruit documentation essay
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