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There is no chance to rush from one thought to another as it may happen when we are just conceptualizing. However, my train of thought when I paint is to get deeper into the flesh. Which is your approach to colors? It is not about coloring nicely, but rather getting the feeling of the skin, its temperature, its texture, its subtlety.

As you can imagine, this is a very abstract thought that finds its opposite in the warm skin of the character. The topic is about the internal time of consciousness and how we can get to think about it.

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Visual art instead does it, even though it is an alternative scenario for thinking. I painted with pastels on Canson paper. For instance, I have to find the face that really expresses what I am looking for, I have to try again and again the precise composition to get the one that can be accurate enough in expressing what I want to say and I have to keep an eye on this precise unity of meaning that the different elements will unveil throughout all the production progress.

However, she seems to stay attentive to the beauty of the present though. Time is in her flesh. I marvel regarding how much an almost imperceptible change of a pigment can say about the sense of the volume of the body and its bodily conditions. As you can see, I have no much experience with colors, to be honest.

This is a nice question. I think that this is what I love of painting. The time of consciousness ninja writing animation flash only within an embodied character, which feels and suffers the consequences of the elapsing experience.

Basically, I worked on the flesh that can be seen in the area in which the skin of the character is visible. The tension between her lived body and the nature of thoughts frames the scenario in which the internal time of consciousness takes place. This is the first time you show a work in colors.

The scene seems to talk about a woman that hears elapsing noises around her, by a kind of awareness that helps her to let them go each time they fade down sinking into the past.

Why did you choose to work only on the skin with that detail? But what kind of simultaneity is this one, before any time and any temporal object, even before me who reflects on it? This way, the paper becomes that table and the act of painting the lively commitment to the question.

It portrays a simple woman who thinks about some formalizations of the inner temporality of consciousness. To a woman who had study Philosophy in Chile, Argentina and Belgium, experiencing the slim chance of an authentic thinking within the scholarly field, the return to paying attention to the simplest gesture of reflection on her own must have been impossible in that environment to the point of making her move forward visual art.

And this extremely slow speed of thinking, which requires an understanding in many levels —not only conceptual—, helps in bringing you to the authentic dimension of the question, i. Before you were working with charcoal, right? I think on a landscape within the skin, in which an unexpected color comes to play poetically.Create self-writing text in Flash.

In this video tutorial, Creative Cow leader Tony Ross demonstrates how to create text writing itself via masking in Flash. Tools used include Brush tool, Selection tool as well as masking. Create a simple text animation in Flash How To: Create a dynamic text field for a website using Flash.

Forward a few more months and the Brush Ninja splash page is now live – along with a timelapse video showing an animation I made: Brush Ninja is a html5 animation tool. The main advantage of html5 over flash is that you can create animations on your smartphone or tablet – something I.

I didn't have this one done for Ninja Kitty's contest, but I found it in a folder and finished it up well enough to put out here. It's a pretty simple little animation, but I hope you like it NK!

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The image generator will also create HTML code you can use to embed the animation on your own website.

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Ninja writing animation flash
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