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To this end, he follows a strict no-violence policy and strives to ensure that his gang acts as their moniker: Stories can often live or die by their lead.

That deserves some praise.

Alternatively, I certainly could have just missed something subtle. As is often the case, what you consider to be good or bad will be highly subjective. The little snippets we learn about the different characters as a result of this helps flesh out the supporting cast nicely and gives us some insight into what informs their actions.

Donte is a Detroit native who, outside being the author of The Family: The Brotherhood, the debut novel from Donte McNeal. The second potential issue is the end of the book. By way of disclosure, I did not request a review copy of this book, but picked up a copy myself on Kindle.

The final twist does come out of the blue though. Again, I enjoyed it, and felt that it not only brought this stage of the story to a decent conclusion, but also acted as a decent set up a sequel.

Unless I missed something, part of it seemed to appear out of nowhere, and this has the potential to throw some readers off.

Leone King though, is far from dull. There is plenty of backstory to explore, and even if Nicholas is misguided in his actions, he certainly has enough justification to not have to worry about things like self-doubt in the way that Leone does.

As such, everything I say here will have different mileage for different people. The first is the violence. On the other hand, Nicholas is as brutal as they come.


A dull protagonist makes it difficult to wade through a book, even if the story itself is good. His gang holds a great deal of power within the country of Levanna, and his own goals are grounded with noble intentions.

This flies in the face of what Leone believes in, and Donte does a wonderful job of showing his pains and struggles. The gangs themselves are also interesting, with Donte clearly putting a great deal of thought into how the they operate and the hierarchical structure of each. There are two things that may cause issues for some readers though.

From the setting to the way the tale advances, everything has clear rules in place that are designed to assist progression rather than hinder it. Where Leone rules with compassion, Nicholas rules with fear, and where Leone fights to avoid violence, Nicholas thrives in it.

Donte has crafted a great first adventure for Leone King, and if the sequel can maintain or even exceed this quality, the series will be well worth a look-in.

The story is fun, the book is a breeze to read, and Leone is a great lead. The Brotherhood, is also a freelance editor, beta reader, and lover of anime.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for The Family: The Brotherhood at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

"What a pleasure to hear Tom McNeal's voice again, its humor and intelligence and muscle. By turns gentle and grim, lyric and comic, To Be Sung Underwater is a lovely book about what remains after 4/5(78). Welcome, one and all, to another MDM Projects book review. Today, I’m looking at The Family: The Brotherhood, the debut novel from Donte McNeal.

Book Review – The Family: The Brotherhood by Donte M McNeal

By way of disclosure, I did not request a review copy of this book, but picked up a copy myself on Kindle. I’ve spoken to Donte on social media before, and.  Practical Book Review Petersen Text Fall HSCO D35 LUO Zakiya N Walters Practical Book Review Why Don’t We Listen Better?

Summarize Why Don’t We Listen Better? is a book that I initially did not think I would enjoy reading or learn from. Contrarily, I have learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined.

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Kirkus also has a full suite of author services, including Kirkus Indie, a book review service for self-publishers. out of 5 stars Book review with summary and critical eval. September 26, The Final life McNeal writes about in defending his thesis is Jesus Christ.

The significant point this chapter makes about God’s work in the hearts of leaders is that Jesus took time to grow in his relationship with the Father. it leads to a number of /5(68).

Mcneal book review final
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