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Written product to be submitted master thesis structure cbs specified date and time. See thesis introductions exercises for more information. There is a single scholarly abstract for the entire work, and it must not exceed words in length. The key word here is evaluation. Lay Summary required - maximum words Effective Mayall theses and dissertations must include a lay summary.

Stages of a thesis in order Abstract Write this last. Students are expected to bring their thesis to the exam. Description of the teaching methods An introductory workshop will be held in September - October.

Elements in a thesis must appear in the following order: See writing abstracts for honours theses for what to include in your abstract or see some example abstracts.

CBS Library offers access to RefWorks, a reference management system that can help you keep track of your literature and help you create a bibliography, thus saving you precious time, especially with a deadline approaching.

Student workload Supervision, literature review, data collection, report writing hours. Students on the Danish-medium concentrations have the option to write their thesis in English, if they wish.

Thesis Structure

Acknowledgements, introductory material, and a list of publications do not belong in the Preface. Please look this up in order to ensure that your preface is grammatically correct. Students identify a potential topic and develop their research approach under the guidance of a supervisor.

Please put them respectively in the Acknowledgements section, the first section of the thesis, and the appendices. Also, they are allowed to bring notes and presentation material to the exam.

Sometimes Results and Discussion are combined: The supervision process is described in the supervision plan, which is agreed between the student s and the supervisor prior to the commencement of the thesis project. Outlines which method you chose and why your methodology ; what, when, where, how and why you did what you did to get your results.

Lists of symbols, abbreviations or other advisable if applicable If the work includes other scholarly artifacts such as film and other audio, visual, and graphic representations, and application-oriented documents such as policy briefs, curricula, business plans, computer and web tools, pages, and applications, etc.

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The thesis is to be motivated by a problem with relevance to the contents of the study program. Results Outlines what you found out in relation to your research questions or hypotheses, presented in figures and in written text.

Structure of Theses and Dissertations

Failure to comply with all thesis specifications and formatting requirements may delay your graduation. Make correct citations and avoid plagiarism Familiarize yourself with the rules of citation, paraphrasing, and use of references in our tutorial www.

The exam begins with a presentation by the students max 20 minutes followed by a discussion between the students and the examiner. Committee Page Required Effective May 1all theses and dissertations must include a page that lists the supervisory committee, and if applicable, the examining committee.

If a student recieves a non-passing grade at the regular exam he og she must hand in a revised version of the thesis, or a thesis based on a new or revised subject, after conferring with the supervisor.

Regulations regarding the summary The summary is in English and is a part of the assesment. List of tables required if document has tables 8. The grade awarded will reflect a holistic assessment of the academic content of the thesis, formal aspects e.

To learn more about the 6 hints, please visit the library on e-campus. If you know which members of the committee will be on the Examining Committee you can include them there; otherwise, they can go under Additional Supervisory Committee Members.

Description of the exam procedure The examination time includes time for the examiner to discuss and inform the student about their grades. See detailed information on the MSoc. Monitor articles and stay updated Subscribe to tables of content from e-journals and stay informed on the newest research within your subject field.

If any of the work presented in the thesis has led to any publications or submissions, all of these must be listed in the Preface. Abstract required - maximum words The abstract is a concise and accurate summary of the scholarly work described in the document.

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In a thesis where the research was not subject to ethics review, produced no publications, and was designed, carried out, and analyzed by the student alone, the text of the Preface may be very brief.

Results contain the facts of your research. Methods Often the easiest part of the thesis to write. Feedback during the teaching period The students receive feedback from the supervisor at the supervisor meetings.CBS Library presents 6 hints that will make writing your thesis easier.

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Below we have collected a range of services that could prove relevant when you are writing your thesis. They cover everything from seeking inspiration over retrieval and reference techniques to the organization of literature. Course content and structure: The thesis block comprises the preparation of a written thesis (the Master’s thesis), which serves as a test of the student’s ability to engage in in-depth study and independently describe, analyse and process a complex issue at Master’s student chooses the subject of the thesis from within the concentration’s overall theme and academic profile.

capital structure, we then develop our master thesis. In answering our main research question: “ to investigate the implementation of higher capital requirement on the commercial banks optimal.

Master thesis structure. Title telling as precise as possible what the thesis is about. Remember that people search for key words, so the key words that you think. UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS Office of Research and Graduate Studies Thesis Formatting Guidelines for Master’s Degree Candidates (rev.

10/22/10) This revision of guidelines supersedes prior instructions for formatting of theses. On [email protected] you can search and download electronic master, executive master and HD theses by CBS students. Search StudentTheses.

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Master thesis structure cbs
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