Interpretations of the eagles hotel california

The traveler doubts if this is the right move to stay at this place. Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim The driver sees a light in the distance the hotel, maybe?

And then a lot was read into it — a lot more than probably exists. Still others divined that this was a devil-worshipping song about Anton LaVey.

Seven different chords are used in the eight measures. The person that exists Hotel California is truly not the same person that came in.

On that very second, the bells of your death are rung in some distance. With the noticeable rising in the pop culture and the fast rhythm of life, one must feel lost at some point and starts to wonder about their choices in life.

Hotel California is swarming with drugs, much like the state of California back in the day. Add the beaches with scantily clad women, and shining lights you could see for hundreds of miles.

All of us kind of drove into L. Nor did they have this building in mind when they set down the lyrics to this popular song. Now that Anton LaVey was found, the lyrics seemed to make sense: Inthe song was further certified Platinum Digital Sales Award by the RIAA for sales of one million digital downloads, [27] and has since sold over 3 million downloads.

They often end up wasting their time and money on loose women and drugs. Henley said that Phillips offered the band members cocaine and was "nonplussed" when they turned it down.

Drugs are a place of heaven and hell.

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This has lead to it becoming the victim of several misinterpretations by both critics and fans alike. Often, celebrities who are tormented with the high-life end up seeking the aid of drugs to get away from the reality. In the s the Rev. They are drawn in and they are stuck within the dream.

The singer is instantly drawn to this lovely place filled with lovely faces. Some people are trying to make memories and some are trying to forget their problems. The song is initially in the key of B-minor. It was really about the excesses of American culture and certain girls we knew.

The celebrated title track presents California as a gilded prison the artist freely enters only to discover that he cannot later escape. Even if the musician does quit the drugs, it still has a hold on him.

At the time of its release, the Eagles were riding high in the music world, experiencing material success on a frightening level. The band members and Phillips met to discuss the project. Mirrors on the ceiling are good for when you lay in your bed.

He was born in a poor family that cannot afford to buy him musical instruments so he had to work in a music shop so he can shape his talent and earn money at the same time. I had to stop for the night The singer decides to call it a night. His father served in the army in WWII as a veteran and his mother was a teacher.

Some see the devil in the lyrics. The singer may be growing tired of the highs of the music industry and what comes with it. Others see a madhouse. But on the album cover there appeared someone in the doorway and the belief is that a person died in some form or another… ranging from overdose to murder in the hotel before it became abandoned and then appeared in the photo.

Most likely, this is to blame for these bone-chilling theories. Theories abound as to what the song means. Simple as these lyrics may seem, there could also be a deeper meaning hidden underneath.

Hotel California

They try to kill the beast, but they fail. The hit song is actually an interesting examination. We decided to create something strange, just to see if we could do it.The EAGLES band with GLENN FREY [R.I.P] gave us some great music from ''one of these nights'' songs and on to ''Hotel California''that became one of their most popular songs played out over the airwaves about our entertainements with curiosity, caution and anxiety to find our enjoyable pleasures in life with one onother during the more.

The Eagles – Hotel California (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning)

A post shared by The Eagles (@theeaglesband) on Apr 15, at am PDT In the popular song “Hotel California,” the Eagles’ Don Henley sang, “You can check out any time you like, but. Hotel California by Eagles song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position.

Apr 24,  · Though there is a Hotel California in Todos Santos, a town on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, its relation to the song begins and ends with the coincidence of a shared name.

None of the Eagles stayed there, let alone wrote music there. The Eagles – Hotel California (Lyrics Review and Song Meaning) June 11, [email protected] 4 comments “Hotel California” has widely been acclaimed as one of the best musical creations the history of music has seen.

While there have been many theories that contemplate what the song represents, the Eagles' band members have revealed in multiple interviews that the true meaning behind "Hotel California" is a commentary on the hedonism and self-indulgence of America.

Interpretations of the eagles hotel california
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