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Super national organizations - WTO. Can you tie this into the Integration v responsiveness framework? Has implications for Strategy and Structure! Wage rates of unskilled workers in advanced countries declines as supply for unskilled labour exceeds demand.

Because they are such a big part of market involvement globally — more companies involved in alliances Motivation: Outline four forms of market involvement open to multinational companies and explain the implications of each of these forms of international market involvement for control and level of commitment to that foreign market.

Institutions affect the strategy of firms by: Co-ordination of global activities — reduces transaction cost when moving from sourcing internationally to making internationally. Are they strategic decisions at all?

Institution-Based Considerations — Trade barriers: Based on our interactions with competitors and the environment when is it time to change? It is socially right to be socially responsible — the world needs it!

Any type of cooperative relationship among different firms. Firms have over estimated the market in developing countries but have been willing to endure short term losses due to growth potential.

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Country differences are such that we cannot compete in the same manner throughout the world. Control vs Commitment Develop an understanding of the variety of strategic alliances utilized in international business practice and the motivations for alliances. This is a fine argument but secondary to ours as business students — it has to be a business argument of how CSR improves business — companies need to be conscious that if not globally, socially repsonsible governments will regulate e.

What are the implications of the spread of market-based economic systems for IB Strategy? Institutions are more than background conditions.

International Business Multiple Choice Questions with answers

Increase in consumer income. Are we witnessing the decline of market-based economic systems in ? Voluntary agreements between two or more firms from different countries who pursue exchange, sharing, or co- developing of products, technologies, or services.

However… the realities of international trade are that government political interventions need to be taken into consideration Good follow on from previous slide — good reminded that while govt. Companies move to countries with fewer labour and environment regulations.

Critically discuss this statement. Consequent to the globalization of markets international strategy essentially entails the replication of home-country business strategy on a global scale.

MNCs have a lot to gain from government efforts to open protected markets to imports and foreign direct investment….

Have you developed an understanding of the drivers of globalization and the implications of globalization for international business strategy?IBUS – PRINCIPLE LEARNING OBJECTIVES FOR THE FINAL EXAM SAMPLE QUESTIONS FROM PREVIOUS EXAMS 1.

Explain what is meant by the term ‘Institutions-Based View of Strategy’ and discuss how the formal and informal pillars of a country’s institutional framework might impact international business strategy formulation and implementation.

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International business sample exam
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