Financial planning case studies

The strategies described may not be suitable for all individuals. Capital assets of approx. Their budget and goals for education, travel, hobby and charity are doable. Their attorney completed the estate plan. The services rendered by PersonalFN are on a best effort basis.

We have constructed a detailed financial plan which includes doubling his asset base over time, tax efficiency, converting some of his cash savings into a more medium term savings for the school fees and restructuring his pensions into more diversified portfolio.

She had become disillusioned with her high pressured job. In sed lacus ornare velit suscipit tincidunt. That they have their financial plan available for their daughter in the event she needs to assist. Betty explained that in the past, she and Bob thought very differently about money but she feels they now think alike and Bob agreed with this.

The performance data quoted represents past performance and does not guarantee future results.

Case Studies and Results

Tax Concerns Invest in tax efficient bonds and stocks. She wanted to split her time between London, where she lived, and being with her son and grandchild who lived some miles away. PersonalFN does not assure or guarantee the user any minimum or fixed returns.

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Case Studies

At that time the couple had a significant portfolio of cash deposits and investments, with no overall strategy in place. She also further diversified her cash position to several diversified bond strategies.

There are often much more pressing matters that stand in the way of properly analysing your tax accountability. Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risk, read all scheme realated document carefully.

Their only income was their State Pension and they had no other savings or investments. Meet with an attorney specializing in estate plans. Her equities were reallocated to represent large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap, international developed and emerging market funds.

Simon and Jean are married and in their late 70s Simon and Jean are married and in their late 70s with independent, grown up children and several grandchildren. Michael and Anne wish to work with existing banks and investment advisors. Being an accountant, he was well used to managing his finances but he needed to plan ahead — he wanted to make provision for school fees, buy a bigger family home and build up his savings pension and non pensions.

That they utilize a tax preparation professional. All intellectual property rights emerging from this newsletter are and shall remain with PersonalFN. In addition their retirement asset allocation was reviewed and recommended alignment to a strategy appropriate for their stage in life.

They have one grown up daughter, Miss X who is not dependent on Mr and Mrs X but helps organise their finances. Important Concerns Action item Prepare for Emergency Savings Wants to determine an amount of cash to assist the family business if they need to continue to during this difficult economic environment.

In fact, most people do what they can to avoid thinking about tax until January, before the annual race to get your tax return in. The user must make his own investment decisions based on his specific investment objective and financial position and using such independent advisors as he believes necessary.

Donec ac nunc orci. Over the years, we have met annually with her and her husband to ensure that they remain on track with her financial plan.Read our case studies highlighting real-life examples to help you better understand the financial planning and wealth management process.

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Real life case studies Navigating through divorce and job resignation and securing early retirement Andrea, aged 54, highly successful and earning a six-figure salary in London, was disillusioned with her high-pressured job. Financial Planning in case of Uneven Inflows (04 Mar ) It is important to understand difficulties faced by individuals whose salary has a higher component of variable pay and bonuses.

Real life case studies

Case 4: Planning for your Golden Years (05 Nov ). Investing & Financial Planning Service Cases: Divorce, Loss of Spouse, Widow, Inheritance.

Cases in Financial Planning: Analysis and Presentation - 3 rd Edition ISBN: a % complete financial planning case with analysis and answers. Plus, there are 10 comprehensive cases that range from easy to hard. a grading rubric and software support This professional case study perspective services multiple .

Financial planning case studies
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