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Educationists may criticize about such implementation because such implementation may hamper the educational environment of country. We also had good performance by Milkha Singh, the flying Sikh of India. Competitions among the villages should be arranged periodically. Of course, the proper training and proper nutritions have to be provided at every level but they are not.

If sports are penetrated into the deep-root of society then people will build their characters on that qualitative basis, not doing any shameful act. The same goes for gymnastics-whether in floor exercises, horizontal bars, uneven bars, rings or pamel horse.

But in order to draw the attention of the villagers to sports we will have to have playgrounds as well as the facility for playing games in the villages. The present scenario of coaches is also a part of traditional sports. A weak willed man in considered as member of cowards.

Just walk through mountains and streams. The spending of money is concentrated in major cities where facilities do exist, but the broadbase structure to tap and develop talent is missing. India has produced world class spinner like Chandrashekhar and B. When they retire from active sports they do not have anything to fall back upon.

1336 Words Essay on India’s Poor Performance in Sports

The team bowling first tries to bowl out the batting side, and then out score them. But in India they are heretofore to get their dues. It is unacceptable for a birdie to fly on only one wing.

Otherwise also Indian sports has not been able to achieve the standard which they were supposed to achieve. Another reason for the decline of sports in India is that we have been mostly concentrating upon the young people living in the cities.

Chaturanga is the direct ancestor of shatranj, which was played by the Pandavas and the Kauravas. The schools and colleges are not making the required efforts to produce sportsman. If one wants to dive into the water to check out the beautiful marine life hidden inside the mysterious horizons of the sea, then the coastal regions of India are the best places for divers and snorkellers.

Some of the Ministers and the political leaders want to be at the helm of affairs so that they may be able to embezzle sports funds.

Essay on Importance of Sports

It is not separate from the education and it is not necessary that if one is playing good sports he does not need good education or if one is going good in education he should not involve in the sports. We want sportswomen of yesteryear to handle the reigns and encourage the coming generations.

Sports Essay 6 words Many sports are played in India from ancient time and hockey has been declared as the national game of the country. The policy makers have never given a serious thought to the advancement and popularization of sports. Even if they are a step ahead, a number of factors ensure that sportswomen stay two steps behind.

We can never unseen the benefits and importance of playing the sports on regular basis.

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It was introduced into India by the Mughals and widely used since then.India is leading in many sports like hockey, wrestling, cricket, etc. The selection of best sportsperson is done from the students playing well the schools or state level.

Essay on “Indian Sports” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Now the condition of sports in India has become changed and it has become the good field to get popularity and success.

Youth In India Essay on youth Young people are full of abundant energy, courage, spirit for adventure, imagination, hope and ambition. Election In India condition of licence or permit granted or certificate or authorisation issued thereunder, imports into India or exports from India for educational, sports and social Words.

Essay on Sports in India! Sports and physical education are necessary components of human development, good health, and companionship and to have a spirit of friendly competition. This has a positive impact on the overall development of the personality Brilliance in sports enhances a person’s sense of achievement, national pride and patriotism.

The article talks about the plight of sports in India with players of all games not being motivated equally and poor facilities: The dreams of sportspersons of winning medals for India at the Olympics are shattered as they are not provided with proper resources. Words Essay on India’s Poor Performance in Sports Article shared by India is a nation of about crore people but it has not shown any remarkable performance in the Olympic games.

A wide range of sports and games are played in India. Undoubtedly, Indian sports have made a remarkable contribution at the international level, most importantly cricket, which has left such an impact on the minds of people that they worship it with full devotion, as if it is the fifth religion.

Despite the facts and records, the present condition of sports in India, except for cricket, is.

Essay on sports condition in india
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