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The transformation of a large organization, such as EX. Construction has adopted the culture-excellence approach in its organization. Construction ensured that the employees had faith in his leadership ability.

As the newly appointed Managing Director had previously worked at the organization, he was aware of certain of the issues and concerns of the employees. The willingness to adhere also stems from the approaches presented being feasible and there is no fear for loss of employment.

Construction case study essay last section presents examples of transformation in a South African context. This is directly linked to the growth of the organization. The construction industry is hostile and aggressive, however through a customer case programmer, the Managing Director believed that positive relationships can be built which would benefit both the organization and customers.

The new Managing Director communicated his commitment to the initiative, Hereford all employees are collectively working together to ensure the success of the initiative. Awaken Initiative The Japanese developed a business philosophy, awaken, which translates to change for the better Investigated, He argued the following organizational forms will dominate in future: His actions were collectively moving in the same direction, to achieve a clear goal of improving internal and external relations and improving the organizations performance.

Partner initiatives in the Industry The previously hostile construction environment is changing to Construction case study essay extent that contractors and subcontractors are attempting to build relationships and partnerships rather resolve disputes through litigation.

An incorrect diagnosis of the problems within an organization may exult in incorrect changes being implemented, which can lead the organization into complete disarray.

Organizational change is not always easily accepted; some reasons for resistance to change are listed below Yuk,up. There are many approaches to change management developed however the report will utilize the three approaches described by Burners, This initiative is based on all three of the approaches and it clearly originates from Japanese management approach.

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Construction adopted the culture-excellence approach during their transformation process. Construction has adopted the culture-excellence approach in its organizational transformation process. The transformation includes aspects from the Japanese and Organizational Learning approaches.

Conflict between contractors and subcontractors occurs frequently, often requiring litigation to resolve the disputes. The contributions made by the above theorists are briefly described below. This business philosophy focuses on the continuous approach involving all employees of the organization.

The new Managing Director is aware that to provide better service to customers, the employees will have to develop and learn new practices and techniques to ensure superior service quality is provided to customers.

The new Managing Director identified two crucial activities to be performed in conjunction with each other to enable the transformation of the organization. This is following by the evaluation of the resistance experienced during the transformation and the use of a new management style by the incoming Managing Director.

The changes bring new opportunities for employees and managers to develop in their current roles and possibly grow into new roles. Team learning — the shift from individual learning to collective learning.

This leads to staff being empowered by a higher sense of responsibility while developing skills. There are four sections in the report; the first section will address the extent to which EX.

The hostile environment was mirrored by the relationships within the organization under the former Managing Director. A satisfied customer is likely to return and recommend the organization to others.

Construction will enable organization learning to take place along with a culture change of employees and managers working together. The employees and managers attitudes and behaviors are to be transformed to ensure the best results are achieved.

Mental models — deeply ingrained assumptions that affect the way individuals think about people, situations and organizations. Peters and Waterman They developed eight significant attributes that organizations need to demonstrate if they are to achieve excellence, namely Burners,p.

The 5 disciplines are listed below Burners,p. Employees and managers who were unhappy under the former Managing Director are more willing to adhere to the recommended changes. The new Managing Director however, identified a shortcoming in the organization that required attention in order to build successful external relationships.

Mailer incremental improvements that are made continuously. Construction clearly adopted aspects of the culture-excellence approach to effectively achieve its objectives.CASE STUDY NO.1 Mary Roberts had been with the company three years when she was promoted to manager of the tax department which was part of the controller’s four months she became a supervisor of ten staff accountants to fill a superior believed her to be most qualified individual to fill the position.

Case 5: George Construction Company Background George Construction Company is an open shop general contracting firm. President - Larry George Administrator & Project Manager (PM) - Ernie Billings. XYZ Construction Case Study The organization was transformed when improved performance was achieved through the leadership from the new Managing Director.

The operation, culture and structure of the organization were transformed to achieve the goals of the new Managing Director. 1. Ben Lawson’s Custom Fabricators, Inc., creates value for Orleans by making the custom control panel for the elevators.

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