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Fast forward to the recent census and that number has dropped to below 20 percent. If the English language found itself under attack. You also lose your identity and national legacy.

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However, his language does consist of many long and well-structured sentences, which typically is a sign of a more formal style of writing. Page 1, line This, to the English reader, naturally seems Cachau bant mind your language unrealistic and silly, however this was exactly what happened to Wales those years ago.

Language was a choice made for me by the school I went to. Wales has become a husk of a nation. This is done by creating a plausible future scenario where German, instead of English, becomes the predominant language of the world.

But what if things were different — if the cultural boot was on the other foot?

Moreover he elaborates the unfairness of the situation from a historical aspect by explaining how it all began. The Welsh language has declined so rapidly because the English placed a pillow over its face and smothered it. Throughout the text, Tom Law makes use of many rhetorical questions, which are used to make the reader stop up and actually consider the respective matter.

Some words you just cannot translate. It was a benign method of dominating occupied nations with minimal bloodshed or confrontation — a very English form of tyranny. Because back in the s, around 80 percent of people living in Wales were Welsh speakers, many of them spoke no English at all.

And that includes the majority of Welsh people who were brought up speaking English; who have been taught at English language schools, watched English telly, listened to English music and read English books. And it was only when the body was limp that England placed some chocolate biscuits on the bedside cabinet — bilingual road signs, a Welsh TV channel.

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It helped to civilise the fuzzy wuzzies and spread culture and joy throughout distant lands. Just a blank stare, a rugby top and a grim Welsh cheeriness; a nihilistic acceptance of fate. For instance, some places in Africa they have, in their local language, more than ten different words for an elephant, which naturally would be lost, if they had to speak English only.

It was a practice endorsed by Welsh parents who wanted the best for their children.Cachau Bant: Mind Your Language Back in the days when the British Empire ruled, the English language spread all across the world forcing a lot of people to take upon English if they wanted better in life.

Her giver Studienet dig analysehjælp til artikle "Cachau Bant: Mind Your Language" af Tom Law, som var udgangspunkt for B-opgaven til den skriftlige eksamen i Engelsk A på STX fra den august B. Cachau Bant Mind Your Language Write an analytical essay words in which you analyse and comment on Tom Law s article Cachau Bant Mind Your.

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Personally, English is an international language that people always use in business. If you need to have a good career in the future, you have to be College Education.

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). He has different grounds for his claim. The first ground is that language was a choice that England made for the Welsh people including Tom Law himself.

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They did not have the opportunity to choose for themselves, England made the choice for them. The other ground is that England thought that it. Cachau Bant: Mind Your Language. The English Empire ruled the world for many years, and in these years, the English language spread all across the world.

Cachau bant mind your language
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