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Sponsor local teams or a charity event.

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One place to start is with a well-branded LinkedIn. Whenever possible, we recommend that attorneys highlight one major practice area per site. Make sure your website is responsive and the contact information is easy to find on a mobile.

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All of this creates opportunity for backlinks for SEO as well as getting your name out there. Create keyword dense landing pages on the client Web site to improve quality score, a measurement Google uses to improve rankings and reduce cost.

If you are marketing your firm on social media, focus on the 1 network that will bring you the most business likely LinkedIn or Facebook. As Andrew Waber, Market Analyst at cidewalk. Using video on your homepage achieves two important legal marketing goals. With more sites than ever offering reviews and feedback on attorney performance from past clients, it is vital to remain engaged online.

However, where most lawyers drop the ball is promoting the blogs they spend so much time and energy writing. This is essential for successful online marketing. Jared Staver of Staver Law Group in Chicago points out that live chat presents a lower barrier to first contact with a customer.

By understanding exactly what your clients are searching for, you can fine-tune an AdWords campaign to reach a highly qualified lead. This is crucial in nearly every industry, but especially law. When compared with email, live chat is much more effective for new business prospects.

For lawyers, we recommend building out a YouTube channel with a series of videos talking about specific areas of practice and specific scenarios that potential clients may be involved in.

For elder law firms, try the AARP accounts. A fully fleshed out summary with specific details of the attorneys professional successes, a clear statement of expertise and results, recommendations from at least 10 clients, a professional headshot, and a tagline under the headshot that makes the area of expertise clear.

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Explore the issues within each one. This can go a long way towards bringing more eyeballs onto your posts. If you are talking about blogging, then focus on writing a few high quality pieces rather than lots of lower quality ones. Develop High-Quality Content A piece of marketing advice that is often repeated and too often ignoredis producing high-quality content to attract readership and online attention.

Instead just put content about Phoenix family law issues and what you need to know to handle the issues addressed in the blog. Identify niche long tail search terms. To take advantage of this, make sure that each bio page has a strong call-to-action, to drive conversion.

One way for law firms to optimize their sites for lead generation is by incorporating a live chat feature. This will help your clients feel heard and appreciated. For example, include a contact form directly on the bio page, or make your phone number and e-mail address very prominent on the page.

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By taking full advantage of the exposure you can create for your firm online, you stand a much better chance of coming out ahead of your competition. A tax law firm might create a top ten list of ways to save money on your taxes this year, and issue the list in a press release a few weeks before tax day.

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Copywriting that captures the hearts, minds + pockets of your ideal clients. Copywriting services for professionals, bloggers and more.

Known for her educated, “tell-it-like-it-is” writing voice, Apryl has broken just about every grammar rule she ever learned and survived the wrath of her English teachers.

She is a graduate of The Ohio State University in Journalism and the University of Phoenix in Masters of Business Administration in Marketing. How To Write Copy That Pierces Hearts (And Opens Wallets) - Kindle edition by Apryl Beverly. Plus – when you order Shots Fired! How to Write Copy That Pierces Hearts (And Opens Wallets) you also get a VERY special gift!

BAAB Writing and Marketing Services (February 25, ) Publication Date: February 25, ;/5(28). Manage My Subscription. If you have other questions about your account, please email [email protected] Select the payment (BAAB Writing and Marketing Services), and then click Cancel. If you have other questions about your account, please email [email protected] Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) January 27, BAAB Writing and Marketing Services LLC (BAAB), a woman-owned, professional writing and marketing services firm, today announces that it has earned recognition from mobile marketing solutions provider MyCity 24/7 for writing a business plan that helped the company raise $50, in venture .

Baab writing and marketing services
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