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Mrs Ericson started to get out of the car. Yet she is patronising and complicit. He is fully aware of his power, and has no hesitation in taking full advantage and control of the situation; testing and baiting Marion; stepping over her boundaries, and daring her to contradict him.

Order your authentic assignment from LivePaperHelp. Ericson simply feels that Marion is being too sensitive; making too big a deal, and imagining all of this, and that she was treated in the same manner as any white female in the same situation. In the Inspectors eyes, Marion represents all ignorant Southern darkies, and he links and relates all her actions to others of her race; for example - Turn onto Main Street and lets see how you-all does in heavier traffic.

Ericson likes things being the way they are, and she probably thinks that Marion is presently at her correct status in American society. We find this out through the chatting in the car during the driving test between Marian and the driving instructor. Remarks about Piccaninnies Pg we see racism happen and we are disappointed by this after the splendid descriptions and compliments in the opening.

She employs Marian as a sort of maid to clean and look after the children. In this short story, the author uses three characters as symbols of three separate groups in America.

The inspectors had not arrived yet. We are encouraged to like Marian and respect her for what she is mainly through the dialogue between Mrs Ericson and herself.

In order to eliminate any of the plagiarism issues, it is highly recommended that you do not use it for you own writing purposes. As the car crept up the slope of the bridge the inspector burst out laughing. Anybody would slide on a steep hill on a wet day like that. Therefore, in her own way, Mrs.‘The Test’ – Essay Plan Templates Identify what you consider to be the central theme running through the short story ‘The Test’ by Angelica Gibbs.

By detailed reference to at least 2 of the following techniques, show how, in your opinion, the writer has effectively illustrated her theme. An Analysis of The Test, a Short Story by Angelica Gibbs PAGES 2. WORDS 1, View Full Essay.

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Angelica Gibbs

The beginning of the short story, The Test, by Angelica Gibbs provokes the reader's attention through early descriptive lines like, "When they found the boulevard they found it crowded with cars headed for the beaches."/5(6). THE TESTThe Test is a short story by Angelica Gibbs which illustrates the issue of power abuse, where actions all originate from personal prejudices and ignorance.

The characters Marion, the Inspector and Mrs. Ericson represent three different societies which collide and are caught in a situation where there is a victim, a perpetrator, and a [ ]. ‘The Test’ by Angelica Gibbs is a short story which makes me feel sympathetic towards its main character, Marian.

In this story, Marian is attempting to sit her driving test for the second time, having failed on the first attempt.

However. Apr 03,  · Order your THE TEST paper at affordable prices with! The Test is a short story by Angelica Gibbs which illustrates the issue of power abuse, where actions all originate from personal prejudices and ignorance.

Angelica gibbs the test essay
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