A review of the movie the bridge over the river kwai

The Japanese, inhave won so many of the campaigns, and witnessed the surrender of Allied i. One might make a case that he behaved like a man who was hallucinating after an illness, and indeed he does accidentally get back to reality at the eleventh hour - too late to save himself, but in time to save his military honor.

In the film, a Colonel Saito is camp commandant. During its construction, approximately 13, prisoners of war died and were buried along the railway. His wide screen film manages to make the locale of the prison camp and the Kwai River and the bridge look like it is the entire world, and that escape is impossible from it indeed the one man who escapes - Holden - has to return eventually.

Are there any real villains in the story? That they generate a form of respect is down to a kind mutual understanding of military bearing.

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The notorious Burma-Siam railway, built by CommonwealthDutch and American prisoners of war, was a Japanese project driven by the need for improved communications to support the large Japanese army in Burma.

As we now know was true, the Japanese soldiers frequently fought to the last man think of Saipan and Okinawa in the last stages of the war, where flame throwers were frequently used to force Japanese soldiers and civilians out into the open.

Was this review helpful? Saito is identifying with this tradition. Toosey was very different from Nicholson and was certainly not a collaborator who felt obliged to work with the Japanese. Based on fact, the film stands as one of the finest war films ever.

Continue reading Add your rating See all 8 kid reviews. When Sessue demands the British prisoners partake in the building of a bridge, Nicholson sees this as a chance to keep his men in order, to show-off a British pride in work.

Both come from nations that have long histories and traditions, and whose officer corps prided themselves on leadership and withstanding privations. But his resolve to do this involves blackmailing Holden into assisting him, and forcing himself to continue on his mission after being seriously injured.

The Bridge on the River Kwai

Westerners could do this too, but traditionally the western states saw no shame in surrendering after putting up a hard fight. But I am writing a factual account, and in justice to these men—living and dead—who worked on that bridge, I must make it clear that we never did so willingly. Toosey in fact did as much as possible to delay the building of the bridge.

The steel bridge was repaired and is still in use today. As punishment for his presumption he puts Nicholson in a hellish underground cell in solitary.

The Bridge on the River Kwai Review

Western - American, British, French, Dutch troops that they really have a contempt for them. And the final result is just destruction, confusion and death from that war. Toosey later defended him in his war crimes trial after the war, and the two became friends.

Nicholson insists on treatment under the Geneva convention for P. It was a splendid performance. What he so glaringly loses sight of, is that he is abetting the enemy. Both bridges were used for two years, until they were destroyed by Allied bombing. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about It went on to soak up all the major Oscars, which has often skewed popular opinion into thinking of it as a grand, old-school opera of the British at war.

At the end the mission kills hundreds of men. Nicholson, a British officer who has surrendered with his regiment to the Japanese in Burma in The novel does not include the character played by William Holden, one of his typically laconic Americans who retain a clear sightedness when compared to the British."The Bridge on the River Kwai" should justly be grouped with "Lawrence" and "India," as all three are sweeping in scope, and all three are some of the most thematically ambitious films ever made, reflecting a mature filmmaker at the peak of his craft.

Critic Reviews for The Bridge on the River Kwai All Critics (53) | Top Critics (11) | Fresh (50) | Rotten (3) | DVD (13) It is a stirring drama of World War II, in which Spiegel has had the excellent help of British director David Lean, in charge of the action, and of a fine company of international players%.

Jan 01,  · Read the Empire review of The Bridge on the River Kwai. Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination. Movie The Bridge on the River Kwai 5/5. Oct 11,  · The Bridge on the River Kwai is one film that is hard to top, the only film able to do that is Lawrence of Arabia, both directed by the meticulous eye of David Lean.

One director who could put intimacy in epic circumstances/10(K). Apr 18,  · "The Bridge on the River Kwai" () is one of the few that focuses not on larger rights and wrongs but on individuals.

Like Robert Graves' World War I memoir, Goodbye to All That, it shows men grimly hanging onto military discipline and pride in their units as a way of clinging to sanity.4/4. When Saito insists that the British prisoners construct an elaborate bridge over the gorge of the River Kwai, Nicholson refuses to permit his officers to work side-by-side with the enlisted men, citing the Geneva Convention.

A review of the movie the bridge over the river kwai
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